Basic Sew-In Install

The sew-in method involves making a small cornrow base and sewing the wefted hair onto the base. This technique is ideal for clients who are simply looking for a protective method. It’s also great for those who are extremely curly and desiring a bone straight look and vise versa. This install usually has a small leave out section.  and can last from 2 to 3 months.

Closure Install

Add a closure to a sewin installation for the ultimate protective style.  Whether a closure is lace or silk,  the hair piece is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter in order to fully protect your hair and improve its look.

Hand Tied Weft Methods

We offer various hand tied weft methods including beaded, micro linking, and malaysian.  A Hand tied weft is incredibly flat , free flowing, and natural looking.  It can last up to 3 months and is the ultimate integration method that allows clients to directly access their scalp for easy shampooing and conditioning maintenance.


Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000

The next level in hair extension application:  This strand-by-strand technique uses ultrasonic waves to fuse loose pre-tipped hair extensions to your natural hair. This luxury technique requires no heat and can last up to 5 months.

Hair Dreams Nano Strands

The Laserbeamer NANO System is the most innovative method to create natural fullness and length in a very gentle manner. Hairdreams 100% real human hair combined with patented NANO Technology that “invisibly“ integrates into one‘s own hair. The additional hair strands are permanent which means they become a natural part of your own hair. You can style your hair as you normally do, but have much more styling possibilities than ever before. No matter what you are doing (Sports, Sauna, swimming, etc.) your Hairdreams hair can withstand any activity and always look perfect!  Lasts 3-5 months.

Net Stitch Install

This method is excellent for extreme hair loss. The process involves anchoring a net to a braided hair base and then attaching hair extensions to the net to create the desired style. Net Weaves typically last from 2 to 3 months.

Natural Nano Rows

The secret to natural looking hair extensions.  This system uses a special nano looping method to create length and true color without causing any damage. They blend naturally with your hair and are almost undetectable. This method lasts 8-10 weeks and is suitable for anyone wanting length, volume, or the addition of hair color without using harmful chemicals or adhesives.

I-Tip Extensions

I-Tip extensions are very natural looking and undetectable. They are a strand-by-strand method that allows for versatility without any bumps or extensions showing. With proper maintenance, i-tip extensions can be worn up to 4 months.

Volume HairDreams

Fulfill your dream of thicker hair with Hairdreams.  Hairdreams offers a wide range of hair solutions using 100% real human hair, returning natural volume to fine and thinning hair and making it possible to fulfill any hair dream. Even with bald spots! All this is made possible with a unique range of hair thickening systems, which enhance the client’s own hair undetectably, as if it was magic.

Clip-In Install

Clip in hair extensions are a great, temporary way to enjoy hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are usually composed of a moderate to large amount of hair attached to a clip or a comb that can be placed in the hair to add volume, length, or color. These types of hair extensions aren’t very versatile, but can be removed and replaced multiple times a day if desired without damaging the natural hair.

Extension Consultation

Exact quotes are provided during the consultation. All prices listed on this page are starting prices for services only. Hair options are discussed during the consultation.  Schedule your no obligation consultation today.

GL Apps (Tape-Ins)

GL Apps by Great Lengths is a double-sided, single tab tape-in extension system. The attachment site is securely sandwiched between fine layers of the client’s natural hair, resulting in the most undetectable attachment of any tape system on the market.  Lasts 4-6 weeks.

Pinch Stitch

The pinch stitch method is excellent for adding volume or length to a specific area. The process involves anchoring a wefts to a braided base that’s connected with the pinch stitch loop technique. This method typically last from 8-10 weeks.

U-Male Hair Replacement Unit

Hair system for men who are thinning or experiencing hair loss due to aging or alopecia.

U-Male Hairline

Have a receding hairline?  No worries.  Our Man Weave Hair system is sure to create the perfect hairline for you.

  • Pricing varies based on the tiered level of the stylist. Please ask for details when scheduling.  Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs/budget.
  • Only Service Installation prices are listed.  Prices do not include hair.
  • Please note prices listed are starting prices only.  Longer, thicker hair or more customized solutions may require additional time which must be scheduled at the time of booking and will be reflected in the price.
  • Elite or custom hair enhancement services may be limited to select service providers.
  • In order to service our guests in a timely fashion, please request all services needed at the time of booking.  Any additional services not requested at the time of booking will be accommodated only if time allows.  Additional services will result in additional charges.
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